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Wadinlara - Guitarist

Wadinlara ( born L.Ramesh ) is an Indian Guitarist and composer who plays and creates predominantly his own compositions in the arena of classical, ethnic, modern and world music mostly in Indian and Western musical systems since 2000. Regarded one of the most prolific, complete and fastest guitarists in the scenario of modern musical world and he happens to be an innovative instrumentalist in keyboard, piano, veena with the skill in arrangements & sound engineering. He has been composing numerable scores in all genres as classical, non-classical and fusion music categories. So far, he has composed more than 300 notable works. Wadinlara’s specialization is, the employment of different genres of music, integration of the finest elements like fugue, counterpoint , arpeggio, parts etc of western classical music and nuances of Carnatic & Hindustani music like shakes, slides / glides, rhythms, emotions etc and dominant use of style in Western non-classical music like Folks, Country, Blues, Rock-and-Roll, Rock-and-Blues, Rap, Jazz, Chinese, Arabian, Spanish and many more. In his compositions, generally melodies brought out in sync with harmonies and vice versa and the extemporary-playing of guitar comes as naturally and creatively as his imagination goes. One of the most versatile guitarists, who plays guitar like Veena, Sitar, Santoor and also produces lots of different timbres, harmonics with his gimmicks, techniques and styles. Wadinlara, a self-made and independent musician whose works are in general more of art forms than commercial pieces. He is known well for creating modern & world music by fusing Indian and western instrumentation with simple, appealing & soulful ragas and scales. His expertise, in compositions, exhibits his novel and unique approach with spontaneous skillfulness. He also plays out other composers’ notable works which appeals to his musical mind. He has composed symphonies, Sonatas, concertos, quartets, trios in Western scales & styles and Indian ragas with distinctive & individualistic melodic lines for the small and large orchestras. Also he has composed experimental works on nature, beings, emotions and various subjects or themes. Wadinlara’s Other Passions : Cooking, Artistic Painting & Photography.